Who are we to say what is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, especially when it comes to the human body. This subject has been hijacked by lunatics, and now it is difficult to talk about it without offending someone (and that someone is usually fat).

We talk straight here at Nysteia. We are all for positive self image, being comfortable in our own skins, loving yourself no matter what your weighteveryone is a good person, everyone is unique and precious, and fat is beautiful.


We have to be honest with ourselves too. When Michelangelo created the David, he did not sculpt a morbidly obese, 170kg fat teenager eating a slice of cake. Take a look at the picture, and contemplate the phrase “face of a boy, body of a god, hands of a killer”.

Body of a god?

If you are overweight, you are beautiful and special.

But “body of a god” sounds like something worth shooting for. And it is a goal you absolutely can achieve with Nysteia.

This “body of a god” translates to a toned muscular physique with quite low body fat (around 10% to 12% for men, 18% for women – or as we term it at Nysteia, your BOW (biologically optimum weight).

For ladies, the aesthetic is in a feminine sense. Many women are turned off by the thought of having an over-developed muscular physique, preferring instead a slim, toned figure. This particular aesthetic, incidentally, is what modelling agencies target when they scout for beautiful girls to showcase fashion.

Nysteia is not about developing the human body to its maximum muscle size potential. If you want that, we are not for you. We are about giving you a technology for living which will give you every chance to live a happy, longer, healthy life with an easily maintainable physique which you and the vast majority of people regard as aesthetically beautiful.