Of the three macronutrients - being carbohydrates, fat, and protein - it is protein which is by far the most expensive. You may not have thought about this in these terms, but for the sake of explanation:

  • A 500 g loaf of bread, which is mostly carbohydrates, costs around $4;
  • 500 g of butter, which is mostly fat, costs around $4;
  • 500 g of meat, which is mostly protein, costs around $15.

That’s a real difference in cost between the three macronutrients. If you have believed the lies that have been fed to you about the amount of daily protein you should be consuming over the past 30 years, then you would have spent colossal amounts of money feeding yourself completely unnecessary amounts of protein every day.

As previously stated, living an active life requires about 1 g of protein per kilogram of your body weight per day, and if you are particularly active, bump it up to 1.2 g.

Compared to the mythology constantly advertised by the fitness and protein supplements industries, this is a saving of around 80 g of protein per day for the average person.

Putting that into perspective, one of the highest sources of protein available is red meat, which contains approximately 30 g of protein per 100 g of grilled meat. Not consuming an additional 80 g per day of protein is the equivalent of three steaks, or about $10 per day in food saving. This translates to around $3,500 per annum real money savings - which is the equivalent of loan payments on a new car, the school fees for a child, or a nice holiday every year.

You will have a wonderful, aesthetic, fit and strong physique with Nysteia. Follow our advice with regards to daily protein consumption, which happens to be exactly the same advice as you will receive from dieticians and doctors, and you will save enormous amounts of money over the course of your long life.