Do you have any idea how long you spend planning, preparing, cooking and eating all of the meals in your day, and then cleaning up afterwards? This was an issue that I just took completely for granted, before I developed Nysteia.

Intermittent Fasting brings with it a benefit which you will only truly understand once you make it a part of you daily life. There is a great saving of time only thinking about food during your eating window.

For example, without eating breakfast, you do not have to prepare it or spend the time eating it. In substitution of the time that I used to spend eating breakfast, I exercise longer, and practice playing guitar – that is how I fill the space, in an extremely healthy and enjoyable way.

You will find that by arranging your life to the Nysteia meal timetable, it will cause you to gain about 90 minutes a day, in food preparation and cleaning up. If you are like me, you are already time poor – struggling to find time to work, for family, and for my own personal interests.

I personally prefer a 4-hour eating window as my daily routine. I divide my 2 meals a day into a “quick and easy” meal at around 2pm, and then a cooked meal around 6pm.

For my quick and easy meal, this is all whole foods – for me, it consists of 70 grams of nuts (roasted almonds are my favourite), a tub of Greek natural yoghurt, an Orange and a piece of Cheese (I like Gouda personally). That’s the first meal – It takes 2 minutes to prepare and pack, and I can eat it anywhere.

For my cooked meal, I pick any one of the Nysteia recipes or make up a creative variation on the themes – the choices are huge. To prepare and cook the dinner meal takes about 30 minutes (at most), and then its family time starting from a festive dinner and continuing for the whole night.

That’s all there is to it.

Nysteia is such an efficient use of time, that I have actually gotten my personal life back because of it in the form of exercise time and playing guitar. What I mean by exercise time is actually self-development for me also, because I watch a documentary every single day when I am on the treadmill.

I have a Masters degree in Political Studies, which is my scholarly hobby which I quietly enjoy. Every morning on the treadmill, I am watching YouTube presentations on the Medici family, Aristotle, the history of the British Empire, Noam Chomsky, Sadhguru, Machiavelli, the history of America, Australian politics, the Cold War, Henry Kissinger, Nixon, the New Atheists as I walk on my treadmill, I immerse myself in topics which I find immensely interesting, and it is something that I really cannot live without anymore.

After a long time of this daily routine, I am not only in physically top condition, but way smarter too – I consider it a fantastic way to go, and I recommend it to you to try for yourself.

For me personally, living with Nysteia works out to an extra 90 minutes a day – now, I could use that time to work more and make money (and sometimes I do), but that is boring.

I do what I want to do with the time, it is a little gift of time and space that I give myself. Getting an extra 90 minutes per day is the break that people need to get some of their own life back on their own terms. What price can you put on that? I think it is priceless – it is my life itself that I am recovering.