This is a very important discussion. Eating is crucially important for your mental wellbeing. We are humans, not machines. We have emotions - we laugh, love, get upset – the whole range and gamut of feelings. Food is fundamental to making us feel goodfood makes us happy.

Food makes us happy. Yes, it is that simple.

You remember (like everyone else who reading this) when you ate a particularly fantastic delicious meal - it filled you up, and you were completely satisfied and happy.

No-one likes being perpetually hungry. What is the happy part of starvation? It is a misery, and it is a descending vortex which small meal dieters know only too well. It just sucks not eating to satisfaction.

And, very importantly, when you constantly do not eat to satisfaction over a long period of time – weeks and months – it really messes with your mind.

Nysteia is about not eating for up to 20 hours of every day. But when you do eat, you eat really well. You will eat to satisfaction every single day. That eating to satiety daily is a crucial psychological happy “tick” that you get with Nysteia, that you just will not get with a calorie restricted diet, and it puts to death what I call “food neurosis”.

You don’t have to count calories like a food scientist, you don’t have to be neurotic about abstaining from everything tasty forever – I suggest being quite strict for the time that you are on a weight loss, only so you get to your BOW quickly, but once you hit your BOW, you can lighten up.

Eating 2500 calories of food in a 4 to 8-hour daily eating window will make you feel satisfied, trust me. You will not go to bed hungry. You will be in a balanced frame of mind, and you will settle into a routine of feeling sometimes a bit peckish during the day, but when you do you will easily hold off on eating for a couple of hours, and then when you do eat, you eat well and to satisfaction.

Our wonderful recipes are packed with your daily nutrients, and their taste will keep you smiling. Follow our advice, and you will develop new daily habits which will result in physical health, aesthetic beauty, mental wellbeing….and you will be well fed too!