Kate Moss (the supermodel) made a comment which I have always found quite funny, but she copped a lot of flak over it.

She said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

I don’t agree with the sentiment that you should constantly starve for the higher goal of being thin, and I don’t need to because as we have repeatedly shown you at Nysteia, you can eat to satisfaction every day during your eating window.

But I have a little guilty confession – I like being thin I like it way (way) more than being fat. I do agree with her sentiment that being at a body weight which is thin and athletic feels fantastic. It does for me – I don’t really understand people who are morbidly fat and say they feel fantastic. I have been there, and I certainly did not feel so.

So, whatever your self image or self esteem issues are, if you have subscribed to Nysteia, you are probably on the heavy side, and your goal is to be thinner. I can only assume that, though you have lots of great health reasons for attaining your biologically optimum weight, you likely think you will feel “better” as a person at that weight too.

There is nothing wrong for thinking this. I did, and it motivated me to re-boot my endocrinology, lose the weight, figure out how to clean my systemand then buy a Canalli shirt size 38 and having it fit perfectly (I recommend doing that as a goal in itself).

I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, and I cannot deeply go into self esteem issues for you. They are as unique as anyone’s personality I would think, and a lifetime study in themselves.

I have looked at the world, and I see what “looks” are regarded as desirable for the “beautiful people” in magazines, television, and movies. And you know what? – they seem to be invariably people at their biologically optimum weight.

So, if I think they look good, and you think they look goodis it politically correct to say they probably look good? I think so.

And, at 9% body fat, strong and athletic - I am really happy with my physique too. I have great self esteem, I think I look good, and I am not at all ashamed to say it. So, that’s my 10 cents worth, as far as self image is concerned – and what’s more, for 2,500 years, the greatest artists of humanity (from the Greeks, to the Romans, to Michelangelo) have thought that people who have a body like mine are examples of physical perfectionwho am I to argue with that? Might as well enjoy it, hey?

Join the club and stay here, you can do it, and you will feel great too. And, after you get here it’s not what you imagined it would be like, then at least you will have heaps of health benefits too.