When we talk about physical health, we are essentially referring to an optimum state within your body, so that the life that resides within your body may flourish easily, without your body being an impediment to whatever it is that you want to do in life.

When it comes to the physical health of the body, there are ways that you can treat the body which will improve and prolong its physical health, and there are ways that you can treat the body which will destroy its physical health. Over the long years of your life, it is what you habitually do to your body which will overwhelmingly determine its physical health.

Your body is designed by millions of years of evolution to eat certain foods easily. Your body is designed by millions of years of evolution to participate in a certain level of moderate physical activity. To prolong physical health your body also requires rest, and to reside in an environment which is relatively free of external pollutants

Physical health is essentially a state where your body is at ease - when your body is not at ease, you are in a state of dis-ease. The sheer volume of information, marketing, sensory fascination, and available consumer products have confused and misinformed most of the Western world.

It is not that complicated – eat food containing the right ingredients, drink clean water, consume your food within a certain timeframe every day, participate in activities which continuously deplete glycogen stores on a daily basis so that insulin resistance never becomes a factor in your life, and get adequate rest according to your own personal needs.

Do these things habitually every day, and you will have done everything that you can do to give yourself the very best chance of physical health. The sooner in your life that you commenced doing these things, the better chance you will give yourself of optimum physical health.

Nysteia is not a philosophy of extremes. We do not advocate extreme diets or extreme forms of physical exertion - indeed, we advocate a “middle path” in your life, which has been part of the Eastern philosophy of Buddhism for the past 2500 years.

You will still be susceptible to externally derived illnesses such as infections, viruses, and broken bones. If you are unfortunately predisposed to genetic or congenital maladies, then these are challenges that you must face in life with your own medical advisors.

Continually practicing the Nysteia principles over months and years by habit will necessarily mean that you will not develop insulin resistance, you will not be obese, you will have a certain minimum level of active physical strength, and as a consequence of these three monumental assets in your life, your body will be in a state of ease to serve your life throughout its entire journey.