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Intermittent fasting is exactly as the name suggests it is fasting for intermittent periods of the day. It is very definitely not starvation. Starvation is going for a significant period of time, usually several days without any food at all. While this will definitely result in weight loss there is a significant risk of an individual doing long term harm.

Cardiovascular exercise is so called because of the effect that it has on your cardiovascular system which is your heart and blood vessels.  It is defined as any physical activity that raises your heart rate.  Normal resting heart rate or HR has a range and this is between 45 and 90 beats per minute.  A value outside of this range, when at rest, is considered abnormal.

We recommend that you incorporate two sessions per week focusing on strengthening your body’s structures. Resistance training, which is a technical way of saying training with weights or using your own body weight for resistance, when combined with adequate protein consumption and rest, will lead to a strengthening of your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Point three of the Nysteia formula is labelled Mediterranean type cuisine – this is a concept that we have developed within Nysteia and is really quite specific. We have deliberately avoided the use of the term “Mediterranean diet” for a number of reasons.

Two thirds of the adult population in developed countries are overweight or obese. By definition, this implies that most people have absolutely no idea how to maintain their body in an optimal state. This cannot be simply the fault of the individual person. There are much larger factors at play, which influence how people maintain their bodies, their health, their diet and their lifestyle.

When we talk about physical health, we are essentially referring to an optimum state within your body, so that the life that resides within your body may flourish easily, without your body being an impediment to whatever it is that you want to do in life.