What is more precious? Nothing is more precious than Life.

If you are reading this, then you are already a miracle.

In a very fundamental sense, you are THE miracle of the universe.

You are a piece of life which has found expression. This piece of life that you are is infinitely more magnificent than your intellect can comprehend.

You wake up every morning, carry out the business your day, go to sleep at night, day after day, usually without giving the life that you are any more than a rare passing thought.

We were born into life without a user manual. Our parents did not have a user manual for us either.

There is one certainty about life – it wants to live. Very often, the intellect can convince you otherwise, and paint pictures in your mind which are depressive and negative The way you live life might compound and add to this depression and negativity But, no matter how you think you feel about your life, the life within you wants to live.

Nysteia is a return to your biological normality. We aspire only to give you information, based in science and research, to help you to live a happy, healthy, longer life.

The Nysteia Formula is intended as a user manual for normal people, who wish nothing more for themselves than to live a life which gives them the best chance of being active and disease-free for as long as physiologically possible given their unique physical capacities.

The Nysteia Formula has no extreme recommendations: our food information contains the best of health ingredients, our exercise and active life information will ensure that you maintain your body throughout your life, and our fasting information will allow you to return to your biological optimum weight over time and remain there.

Note that we have an explicit policy to not utilise advertising on the Nysteia website – you are therefore able to trust that we are an impartial source of information.

We practice what we preach. Everyone at Nysteia lives their life according to our philosophy, and we have found it to be quite simply the best way to live.

We offer it to you, and we offer it to a suffering humanity, which has been led to believe that more and more of everything is better. For thousands of years, the ancient Greek message has whispered to us – “mithen agan” – everything in moderation.

With all humility, we are very proud to present to you within this website the User Manual to your life.