The goal for everyone should be to achieve their biological optimum weight or BOW. And this is an integral part of the Nysteia philosophy which is to live a happy healthy longer life, through the Nysteia Formula. The routine use of the Nysteia Formula if you are overweight or suffering from obesity will ensure that you will lose weight – approximately 1Kg a week, and eventually achieve your BOW. It’s important to undersand that this rate of weight loss is an average and individual results may vary.

The length of time it takes to achieve your BOW is very much dependent upon the extent to which your actual weight exceeds your BOW when you start. It will also be dependent upon the length of the period for which you have been over weight or suffered from obesity. In essence, the longer you have been in this state dictates your level of insulin resistance and this is the one thing you need to reverse.

The Nysteia Formula of course is designed to re-establish your insulin sensitivity and the one thing that you will notice when you first start is relatively slow progress. However, if you stick to the regime closely then your insulin sensitivity returns fairly quickly at which point the weight loss will progress steadily. So, for the purposes of weight loss sticking to the Nysteia Formula is absolutely fundamental.

Because we know that carbohydrate (in particular refined carbohydrate in the form of sugar and wholegrains) is a significant potentiator of insulin resistance, it is simply logical to limit the intake of this macronutrient if you want to turbo-charge your weight loss. And this explains why we have added the labels ‘Weight Loss’ and ‘Weight Maintenance’ to our recipes. This will indicate to you how much carbohydrate in effect is in a particular meal. It is a fairly good guide in that weight loss recipes generally contain less than 50g of carbohydrate per serving whilst the weight maintenance recipes contain less than 100g. Please be aware that it is purely a guide.

Once you have reached your BOW you have two choices - you can either continue with the Nysteia Formula long-term. And we would advise you to do this for a number of reasons. Alternatively, you can relax as to how rigidly you apply the Nysteia Formula. The danger of course is that you will return to your bad old ways and the weight will go back on. To reiterate Albert Einstein’s definition: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It is perfectly acceptable to be a little more relaxed about the Nysteia Formula once you have reached your BOW, with the caveat that you monitor your weight carefully so at the very least you will get some indication that you are going off the rails. One of the ways of relaxing is to decrease your fasting window by an hour or two on some days. The other way is to not be so rigid about the amount of carbohydrate in your diet, effectively allowing yourself a little more, and this is where the ‘Weight Maintenance’ label comes into effect in our recipes.

As we have alluded to in the other presentations there are numerous advantages to intermittent fasting other than maintaining your BOW. So, it makes absolute sense to continue with the regime indefinitely.