The philosophy of Nysteia advocates only daily intermittent fasting, and eating to satiety with nutritious meals every day.

After a few hours of increased autophagy every day – resulting in a small daily catabolism of extraneous unnecessary body matter – the body is then fed with a composition of food which has great taste, and superb nutritional value.

Think of it this way: if every day your body constantly eats the bad and faulty things within it, and then it is replenished with new and properly functioning cells, then by definition your body is younger – functionally, physiologically younger.

This has tremendous implications if you think about it. By simply abstaining from food, you can become biologically younger, even as you age in years.

Again, please understand that long periods of time are required to demonstrate the merit in this philosophy. Have a look at the world around, the obese people, the sick people, the people who are only alive because of massive pharmaceutical and medical interventions. All of these people have lived their lives eating a particular way, and it took their bodies years to develop the so-called diseases of civilisation – obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

Your life is important - it is important to you, and it is important to us. You live your life through the vessel of your body. Anything that you can do which will promote the functional youth, vigour, and medical “cleanliness” of your body will be the most fundamental investment in your well-being.

Daily intermittent fasting, which allows a constant routine of autophagy to clean your body, is a simple and tremendously effective habit that you can immediately commence to improve your life.