Living is a lifetime gig. Life is not one day, one month, or one year. The majority of problems (and successes) in your life are a result of years of accumulation - this applies to your health as much as it applies to your finances, your education, your career, your relationships - your entire life is time bound between your birth and your death.

As such, it is much more effective from a health and longevity point of view to walk “the middle path”, as the Buddha termed it. This means avoiding a life of extremes - obviously, this means avoiding poisons like cigarettes and illicit drugs. There can be no doubt that these things are contrary to a long life.

An approach of moderation to exercise and food is also necessary. You do not need to exercise for hours every day, you do not need to eat vast amounts of protein every day, and you certainly do not need food supplementation such as protein powders, amino acid pills, sports drinks, or anything else unnatural that the fitness industry wants to ram down your throat.

Over the past 30 years, there has been a huge increase in popular culture of over-developed body image, extreme fitness, excessive muscularity, and a general idea that it is impressive to push the body to levels of exertion for no other reason than the physical challenge of it.

To have the best chance of living a healthy, happy, longer life you simply do not have to believe this hype or engage with it. You can be smart in the way that you implement a moderate exercise regime into your life, to achieve a multiplier effect much greater than would have otherwise been given by the exercise alone.

The essence of Nysteia philosophy is that you:

  1. Eat in accordance with our recommended daily eating window - that is to say, you intermittently fast on a daily basis;
  2. Eat the types of food that we recommend;
  3. Do some type of cardio activity for 30 continuous minutes every day; and
  4. Do some simple strength exercises, two times per week, each training session separated by three days.

Excessive amounts of weight training and cardiovascular exercise, over and above our recommendations, are simply not required for you to achieve the outcomes that we respectfully suggest you should be aiming for, as a normal healthy person.

Our four points given above may seem simple, but when all four points are implemented by a person in their life, a profound and extremely sophisticated adjustment occurs in their body.

You will achieve a level of optimum cardiovascular health, a level of muscular strength and conditioning to ensure longevity, promote autophagy to cleanse malfunctioning elements of your body on a daily basis, replenish your body with the best tasting and optimum nutrients possible, whilst getting well fed on a daily basis.

It does not get better than that. That is why we believe that Nysteia is the most sophisticated life technology ever offered to the modern world.