Think of a King and his Feast – it was a fun time for all. Mealtime is a time for happiness, conversation, family togetherness – it is a time to relax, a prelude to winding down after a hard day’s work.

At the end of the day, the parasympathetic nervous system has kicked in - no more hunting, striving and fighting. You have solved all the problems that can be solved today, time to think about yourself, your loved onesmaybe think about a little bit of sweet lovin’ that might be happening soonand then a great night’s sleep.

With daily intermittent fasting, a real opportunity exists to take advantage of the happiness that mindful eating simply inspires. If you have gone 18 hours without eating anything, you are going to be happy when you eat – it just happens that way, trust me.

In the Nysteia philosophy, consciously creating time for family and loving/affectionate situations around mealtimes is very important. Think about it – when else apart from mealtimes are you all together? (and we do not mean every one being in the same room and on their iPads – that is not being together).

Remember, research suggests simply doing what makes you happy is 40% of your total aggregate happiness. Use the Nysteia recipes to cook together, then eat the meals and bond as a family. This simple grace will give you moments of togetherness which will be irreplaceable and priceless.

And remember, family is much more than people to whom you are related to. I love the Charles Dicken’s quote at the end of Nicholas Nickleby:

Your family are not just the people with whom you share blood, but also the people for whom you would give your blood”.

As humans, we are tribal pack animals – for a hundred thousand years, we do best in groups, being around people with whom we enjoy and share affection. Combine this dynamic with mealtimes specifically designed to be festive, and you have plugged into a major power artery of life’s happiness.