Biological Optimum Weight (BOW) is a concept that has been developed by Nysteia. It is the weight that your body will automatically adopt when you follow the Nysteia Formula. As discussed in other presentations, the thousands of normal physiological processes that take place within the human body have evolved over millions of years and exist to ensure homeostasis. The latter is an umbrella term for the body’s ability to bring itself back to normal function such that it is performing optimally and has its best chance of survival.

If you allow your body to perform these homeostatic mechanisms, in particular the ones concerned with nutrition and energy substrates, as intended, then it is simply inevitable that it will achieve and maintain an optimum body fat percentage which in most of us is between 12 - 15% of total body weight in males and 15 - 18% in females. This obviously translates into a BOW that is different in all of us based largely upon the composition of our other body components.

Your BOW is therefore not an absolute figure. Nor does it relate to a strict BMI. Undoubtedly, however your BOW is within the normal BMI range of 18 – 25. For most people, it is impractical to accurately measure your body fat percentage, certainly routinely. Equally it is not really necessary to make a regular assessment of your BMI as this involves regularly measuring your weight and doing the calculation, albeit a relatively simple calculation.

A much more practical way of achieving your BOW is simply to let the Nysteia Formula do its job and as previously mentioned you will automatically arrive at it. And you will know when it happens because you will wake up one morning, look in the mirror and shout YES.

As far as maintaining your BOW is concerned this is equally straight forward – you simply continue with the Nysteia Formula indefinitely. If you go back to the things that got you into trouble in the first place, then the inevitable will happen.

The really great thing about achieving your BOW is that psychologically you feel transformed and you go out and buy yourself a new wardrobe of clothes which you will never have to throw away. And since fashions eventually do a full circle they will still fit in 20 years’ time!