When it comes to food, probably the biggest tragedy of misinformation in the past 40 years has been that eating fat is inherently bad, and that any attempt to lower the amount of fat that you eat (also known as eating low-fat foods) is inherently good. Almost as bad as this incorrect information, is the common idea that you can eat hundreds of grams of carbohydrates every day as a good thing.

Both of these ideas are wrong.

If you think about the type of food that occurs naturally – for example: nuts, meat, milk -they all contain high amounts of natural fats. People have been eating these types of foods for tens of thousands of years, and obesity in society was never a problem.

There are many reasons for this, but an important reason we will concentrate on here is the fact that eating natural fats does not produce a large hormonal response in the body. Or to put it very simply, eating fat does not cause a huge spike in insulin.

This is what you must constantly keep in mind – control your insulin and you control your weight. The fact is that the consumption of natural fats (in the absence of carbohydrates) does not lead to a state of insulin resistance. Eating healthy fats, whilst keeping carbohydrates low, means that you will be able to feel full every day without putting on weight.

This does not mean however that you can eat large amounts of fatty foods whilst you are trying to lose weight. You have to eat sensibly in your six-hour eating window, eat until your comfortably satisfied, but not so much that you are absolutely stuffed. The goal for many of you after all is to lose weight.

We do not advise the sort of common food neurosis, which requires you to count calories every time you put food in your mouth. That is a very depressing way to live. Please eat whole foods which contain natural fats until you are comfortably satisfied within your six-hour eating window – it is that simple.

The best combination of macronutrients that you can eat is a diet which is high in natural fat, low in natural carbohydrates, and which contains protein levels of around 1 gram per kilogram of your body weight.

One word of caution: the absolute worst combination of macronutrients that you could possibly eat is a diet which is high in fats and high in carbohydrates - this is otherwise known as the typical Western diet. A high fat AND high carb diet is the worst possible way to eat.

This is why we advocate that you prepare your meals from a selection of whole foods – nature has already factored into real food exactly what you require to live the healthiest life possible.