If you have ever read an article about healthy eating, invariably the writer will talk about how you should try to eat “whole foods”. Basically, what is meant by this is that there is a nutritional difference between food in its natural state, and highly processed products which can be consumed by people but are drastically lower in nutrient content.

Another way to look at whole foods is that they are real food. This means that the food you eat should be as close to its natural state as possible - fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, fruit etc.

A real problem with highly processed foods is that they are designed quite deliberately to be addictive. Global food companies have spent billions of dollars researching what you like to eat - not necessarily what food is good for you to eat, but what you like to eat. This is pure capitalism - find out what people want, and supply to them for a profit.

Once you remove highly processed foods from your diet, you will automatically transition to a macronutrient situation which is higher in healthy fats and proteins, and much lower in carbohydrates. The excessive consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined and highly processed carbohydrates as found in most processed foods is one of the major causes of the obesity and diabetes global catastrophe.

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