Our genes are a series of molecules that dictate amongst other things how our bodies are assembled and how we function. Within the nucleus of each and every cell in our bodies, are 46 chromosomes that exist as pairs, 23 of which have come from our mother and 23 have come from our father. They are assembled from 4 bases that are in a specific order and this order equates to the various genes. In all there are 3 billion base pairs that make up the genes within our chromosomes in each cell.

So, you can see that the control mechanisms are incredibly sophisticated. But importantly we are all derived from the same gene pool which means that there are very, very few differences in the genes from one individual to the next. And this has important implications with regards to the way our bodies behave in relation to everyday things such as the food that we put into our bodies and our response to common illnesses.

When I was a junior surgeon I had to learn in great detail the anatomy of the human body. There are close to seven billion people on the planet. But because we are derived from the same gene pool it means that only one Gray’s Anatomy is required. Gray’s Anatomy is the definitive anatomy text book for surgeons, as opposed to Grey’s Anatomy the TV program whose name is a parody of the text book. Fortunately, this means that if I operate on a patient I will know exactly where I should find a particular organ, for instance, inside their abdomen.

Exactly the same principle applies to the way our bodies handle food and it is precisely for this reason that I know for sure that if you adopt a certain method of eating then your body will behave in a certain way. And importantly I know that if you fast intermittently and you restrict refined carbohydrate you will achieve your biological optimum weight or BOW. If you are above your BOW then you will lose approximately 1 kilogram a week until you reach it.

As discussed in the presentation ‘What causes obesity’, genetics does have a role to play in whether an individual has a greater propensity to develop obesity but this should not detract from the principle that the vast majority of us, because we come from the same gene pool, handle food in exactly the same way and explains why obesity occurs in so many of us. Obesity is caused by too much insulin resulting in insulin resistance. Our genes may make us more susceptible to the development of insulin resistance but that’s completely different to saying our genes cause obesity.

For any health professional to state that individuals need to have a tailored solution for the management of their obesity is simply incorrect. Not only is it not required for the reasons already mentioned but it is totally impractical from a manpower and economic point of view. In more than 99% of us the Nysteia Formula if applied correctly and honestly will have the desired effect and that is really all that you need to concern yourself with.