The simple answer to the question who gets obesity is: anyone. As discussed in the presentation entitled ‘What Causes Obesity’, clearly there are numerous factors acting in unison and there are certain factors, in particular genetic factors that make a particular individual more predisposed to developing the disease. However, if the important themes are acting then the development of obesity is inevitable.

An individual who consumes an excess of food beyond that which is required for their usual total daily energy expenditure or TDEE, in particular refined carbohydrate and, of critical importance, at regular intervals throughout the day, will keep their insulin at persistently high levels. To the point where in a relatively short period of time they will develop insulin resistance.

Over-eating itself of course has numerous underlying causes, the most potent of which, almost certainly, is physiological. Many people eat through boredom and a significant number also eat for the purposes of comfort – they have personal problems in their life such as an unhappy work environment or unhappy personal relationships and to counter this they use food as a way of easing their suffering.

Perversely of course the way we view our bodies is a potent source of unhappiness in itself in particularly if we perceive ourselves as being heavier than we would wish. The overweight individual then gets into a vicious circle and the progression of being overweight to the development of obesity is merely a matter of time.

Another association to becoming overweight and developing obesity is low socioeconomic status. True poverty in western societies does not exist, and therefore to use your low socioeconomic status as an excuse really does not stack up.

What is much more likely to be happening is that individuals who exist within low socioeconomic strata have not received the appropriate education with regards to the type of foods that they should be eating and how to obtain them at a price that is within their budget. One should also not mistake poverty for the sheer laziness of buying low quality takeaway food instead of preparing wholesome meals.

So, in conclusion absolutely anyone can become overweight and progress to the development of obesity. Similarly, for exactly the same reasons, absolutely anyone can achieve their biological optimum weight simply by adhering to the Nysteia Formula.

Australia Obesity Levels 1975 - 2018