Cancer Surgeon, Media Entrepreneur, Wellbeing Guru

Andrew was born and raised in the UK. He trained firstly as a dentist then as a doctor and finally as a surgeon, almost exclusively in London, but also completing a year in both San Francisco and Sydney. Part of his specialist training included a dedicated period of research resulting in a Masters of Surgery and a thesis entitled ‘Immune Mechanisms in Cancer’. He now runs a very successful surgical practice in Brisbane, and has spent the whole of his professional career looking after patients with gut-related problems such as bowel cancer that often require major surgery,  

In addition to his surgical practice, Andrew is a media entrepreneur and is Director of Online Medical – a web design and development company specialising in websites for medical specialists, hospitals and allied health professionals. He has also established an online education forum for doctors, medical students and nurses – the Australian Institute of Medical Education. He is passionate about teaching and has previously held academic appointments at Bond and Griffith universities in Queensland as well as Jiangnan and Shandong universities in China.

Andrew has a continued to pursue his career as a scientific researcher in his role as Director of Fasting Science, a forum established to conduct research into the role of obesity in diseases such as cancer.

Through this experience, he has a profound understanding of nutrition and how the body handles it. He is deeply concerned that the public have been spectacularly misled by so-called experts with regard to the causes and management of obesity. 

In response, he has developed Nysteia and the Nysteia Formula. with his good friend and business partner John Aronis. The science is complex but the solution is easy.