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The best way to fight CORONAVIRUS

Statistics clearly show a significantly increased risk of serious disease in people who are overweight or have obesity. This includes twelve different types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and diabetes. Coronavirus can now be added to this list.

The one thing that connects all of these things is your immune system and it is now more critical than ever that you ensure that your immune system is fully functional.

The underlying problem is insulin resistance (IR) affecting immune cells function by preventing nutrient, in particular glucose, from entering the cell. The cells are effectively starved and work inefficiently. Your immune cells are critical in fighting diseases such as virus infections.

It is absolutely essential that you ensure your immune system is operating optimally. And that means getting rid of IR. IR builds up in response to too much insulin which is released by the pancreas every time you eat, in particular refined carbohydrate. The solution therefore, is to stop insulin for a significant part of the day.

The best way to achieve all of this is the Nysteia Formula:

  • Intermittent Fasting.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise.
  • Mediterranean-type Cuisine.

This is the only reliable way to achieve Biological Optimum Function (BOF).


Read the companion guide to nysteia.com to discover:

  • How the body handles the food we eat.
  • Why we get obesity and become sick.
  • How to cure it and stay healthy.

Available in PaperBack and eBook.


This is not a diet.
This is not an exercise regime.
Nysteia is a way of life.

Nysteia will help you become
the person you want to be.

Our team

Dr Andrew Renaut

Dr Andrew Renaut
Throughout his career as first a dentist, then a doctor and finally as a cancer surgeon, Andrew has always had a deep professional interest in the link between obesity and many of today's serious diseases and conditions. Read more about Andrew...

John Aronis

John Aronis
John has had a very personal battle with weight, losing and regaining the kilos - in one case putting back on 45% of his previous body weight - following various regimes. Following Nysteia principles he now is at his optimum weight. Read more about John...

Two thirds of people living in western society are now overweight or obese as defined by body mass index (BMI) - and this is a huge burden on both the individual and society.

Many people are unaware of the many different factors that cause obesity, and so don’t know how to treat it (and this includes many health professionals).

The critical factor is when we eat, rather than what we eat or how much.


Average life expectancy has increased over time, with many people living well into their 80s today. However, advances responsible for this (in areas such as sanitation, controlling common infections and good health care) are now in danger of being reversed - with many of us suffering premature death from conditions linked to lifestyle choices and especially the negative impact of obesity. There is good evidence that people who are obese have a greater chance of dying at a young age. The real tragedy is that obesity is entirely preventable with simple measures.


Many of the common illnesses are a direct result of lifestyle choices, such as poor diet and lack of exercise, or through obesity. Obesity is directly related to high blood pressure and high cholesterol (both of which lead to heart attack and stroke), and osteoarthritis, due to excess wear and tear on joints. There is also now very good evidence that common cancers (such as bowel and breast) are more common in people who are obese.

Simple adjustments to the food we eat and our physical activity can substantially reduce our chances of encountering these serious diseases.